Sunday, April 20, 2014

Quarter 4 Week 3 April 21-25

  • Introduction to the Age of Romanticism
    • primary source reading and discussion to follow
  • HW: -due Thursday
    • read in The Western Heritage pgs 643-654
    • Napoleon Eulogy/Trailer 
  • Napoleon Eulogy or Trailer assignment due today before 3PM 
  • The Age of Romanticism continued:
    •  Exploration of culture and identity through folk tales
    • in-class reading and analysis of original tales from Europe
    • mini-research activity to follow
      • find a tale from outside of Europe to share in small groups and report out to the class.
  • HW: 
    • t.b.a.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quarter 4 Week 2 April 14-18

  • Quiz on the French Revolution
    • review assigned readings, class notes and matching exercises
  • watch short video (link here and use ear buds!) and complete class reading after the quiz
  • HW:
    • finish reading Ch 18 in The Western Heritage pgs 619-624; and begin reading Ch 19 pgs 626-629 (stop at "The Consulate in France")
      • for Tuesday's opener:  What factors contributed to Napoleon's rise to First Consul?  
        • record your response in your notebook