Sunday, February 17, 2013

Q3 Week 4 Feb 18-21

Tuesday:  --meet in lab 110-- 
  • Meet in computer Lab 110 today
  • Turn in responses to reading questions on "The Great Food Migration"
  • Come prepared to research your chosen topic for the Columbian Exchange assignment
    • find credible sources
    •  keep notes for a formal Chicago style bibliography (Typed; due Thursday)
    • Questions to consider and answer in your write-up and presentation:
      • where did my food/spice originate and which region of the world was it transported to? (be as region and time specific as you can here)
      • what impact did the exchange of this food/spice have then? -think social/cultural, economic, dietary... other? 
        • are there any notable persons or events associated with your topic?
      • how does it connect with today's global culture and economy?
      • what did you discover that was most surprising/interesting?
      • why did you choose this topic?
      • (for presentation only) what dish did you prepare and why?  
  • Meet in computer Lab 110 today
  • Continue working on your Columbian Exchange assignment -due Monday 2/25
  • typed bibliography due at the end of the period
  • HW: -due Monday
    • Turn in typed report and give a brief presentation 
    • bring in a dish for extra credit

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